Working Title : Airship Pegasus

It’s the 19th century and an airship soars across the skies of an alternate-reality North America. Did the maker of a rival airship plant a saboteur on board? Is the captain of Pegasus a madman? Do some of the crew seek to take control of the airship for thier own purposes? What adventure awaits the airship and its crew? genre : fantasy

Working Title : Cuckoo

Grace is not the most complicated of people, nor is she very bright. However, after an accident puts her in the hospital she is taken off the extensive drug therapy her doctor has placed her on and he whole life begins to unravel. As her mind clears she begins to hallucinate, seeing terrifying visions of people ridden and controlled by hideous worm-like things. Mysterious fires break out. As she slowly begins to regain her memories of her childhood is she going to go insane…or will some sinister plot be revealed? genre : science fiction

Working Title : Man and Beast, or The Hunter

Archie is fighting in the tenches alongside the other Canadian soldiers during the Great War. During a scouting mission he is attacked and captured, only to awaken and find he’s the prisoner of a bizarre European Lord and the man’s sister. The true horror of Archie’s dilemma soon becomes apparent as the Lord is revealed to be a werewolf, one who intends to set Archir loose in no man’s land so that he may hunt him down and devour him. Can Archie find a way to escape before this supernatural monster kills him? genre : fantasy adventure

Working Title : Minx, Episode 6, Three Worlds

Our heroine and her lover, Dragon, have escaped the Sphere and are off to explore the galaxy, or at least delve into some mysteries concerning Dragon’s past.  Killer artificial intelligence, malevolent hypermen and a galaxy-ending device all have to be dealt with by the two as they at last are a couple. genre : adult space opera

Working Title : Predicting Paradox

Deborah Hiezen is a vet aboard one of Earth’s most popular space stations. When her brother’s gambling debts force her out of her career and into the role of a scantily clad waitress in a gangster’s casino there is nothing she can do. There is nothing she can do, that is, until her new boss demands she seduce a guest at the casino – a man who never seems to lose when he gambles. Can she swallow her pride and shame, and seduce this stranger? Or, will the gangsters have to kill her or her brother? And, how can this seemingly average stranger go on a vacation and suddenly break the rules of probability as he seems to be able to do? genre : adult science fiction

Working Title : The Doctor’s Daughter: Espionage

It’s the War of 1812, and Barbara is accused of spying for the American invaders. The punishment is death, and the accusers are certain they have their spy. How can Captain Christian defend his love when she won’t even defend herself? And, what is the mysterious link between her and the traitor Joseph Willcocks? Are the whispers that the two have been courting true? Intrigue and death threaten the youngest of Doctor Aimes’ daughters as the winter of 1813 closes in on the Niagara Region. genre : adult historical romance