I write for the fun of it. The interactions of characters as they progress through a plot, simple or complex, is enjoyable whenever it’s well written. I find my stories fun to write, or I stop and rethink the plot and characters and possibly give up and start a new project. Others seem to find them entertaining too, much to my surprise.

You may find a strong Canadian slant to my stories and this is because I am a proud Canadian. Many of them take place in my home country and many of the characters are Canadian, even if they are living elsewhere.

Perversely, I don’t consider myself an author of erotica. I prefer to think I write adventures, usually with some romance. The protagonists are adults and, well, adults do adult things such as have sex. Perhaps I’m just fooling myself, but I’ll let the readers decide for themselves on whether I really am an author of erotica.

Many of my stories have an element of the fantastic in them, such as elves, magic, mythical monsters and people out of pure legend. I take inspiration from anywhere I can, but I find my own interests in fantasy come from fantasy literature from the early part of the 20th century, ancient mythology and fairy tales.
Science fiction holds a special interest for me and some of my stories, not many, are my attempts at this genre.

Space opera, that hag that rides science fiction and claims a familial relationship, is what I sometimes delve into. If the story takes place in some far future or occurs in space but bears little resemblance to the real world of today, then I am writing space opera. Expect laser guns, faster than light space travel, alien monsters who are more malignant than they really need be and a larger than life hero and heroine. Space opera need obey no laws of nature. It can be as whimsical as fantasy.

Erotic horror involves a slight twist on fantasy, science fiction and space opera. If the nemesis is particularly nasty or frightening, then it’s a horror story. Horror stories seem to have a small readership, perhaps simply because what might scare one person is laughable to another.
Be assured though, whatever genre I write in I usually finish with a happy ending. Well, usually…

Because I write largely for the joy of writing, I don’t sell my stories as if they are best sellers. I prefer a cheaper price, something a reader will feel comfortable spending on a book of unknown quality.

My hope is that the reader enjoys the story and believes their money well spent, so that they then buy another of my stories and then another.
I may not become a millionaire, but if I end up paying off the mortgage a little sooner while writing and selling stories…then I’ve exceeded my expectations.

So, take a look around. Click on the links, especially to Yellow Silk Dreams. Find something you like and give it a read.
I’m a new author and would enjoy any feedback, comments, suggestions and praise.

Chris Kalyta
October, 2018